Welcome Earthlings!

If you wanna bypass the niceties, godspeed! You can check out the services I provide here and my blog here. I have a channel on YouTube I call ZubeTube. Clever, eh? That’s here.

You can often find me in person doing readings at Of a Muse in Boerne, Texas. Check them out if you’re local to the Hill Country, they’re amazing!

I also work very closely with Michelle at Herba Buena.

I live in both Boerne and Breckenridge, Colorado.

My name is Teresa Zube. Most folks call me Zube (rhymes with doobie), much to the chagrin of my lovely mother who, of course, calls me Teresa. I answer to either.

When I was in high school, I was obsessed with astrology. This obsession carried on into college, where I added reading Tarot to the mix. Tarot came especially naturally to me and I was rather adept at reading cards from the very start. At the time, I regarded this talent as a fun party trick, though sometimes I would meet people who’d ask if I was the girl who read Tarot that lived in Wolfe Hall they’d heard about around campus. I was quite good, rumor had it.

My New Age parlor tricks faded into the background once I entered the ‘Real World’ and I fell into a very feeble, and largely unsuccessful, attempt to conform to society. I married an atheist, struggled with infertility, eventually bore two children, and then divorced. I crawled and clawed my way through the disastrous aftermath, mired in a victimhood mentality until, white flag in hand, my second decade devoid of spirit found me with a burgeoning alcohol problem, and a stint in a mental hospital and a rehab under my belt.

I had been brought to my knees, desperately ready for the love of the Universe.

Meditation and the Tao Te Ching saved my life, and Tarot and Astrology are once again a part of my daily living. I have a higher regard for the gifts of interpretation the Universe has given me, and am deeply humbled by the insight others have gained through their readings.

I wouldn’t change a thing about anything, to be honest. I had a rough twenty years and they’ve only deepened my spiritual connection and faith. My love for my craft is evidenced in my concern for those with whom I share it.

On my site you will find information regarding the services I provide, as well as my blog where I’ll invariably share a good deal of information about my personal journey. It is so interwoven with the work I enjoy that I choose to be open and transparent, so you’ve been warned!

Thank you for visiting my site and love and light along your sovereign, merry way!



Zube is likely the most magical person I have ever met. I have tapped into and benefitted from every oneĀ of her services and will continue to do so, and recommend them to everyone! Between monthly lunar reports, birth chart readings, tarot, and anything else I can get, I just keep coming back for more! Thank you for being so amazing, Zube!

Dori W. – Breckenridge