Housekeeping, I’ve Come to Fluff Your Pillows!

One of the services I’ll be providing along with Tarot and Astrology is housekeeping. This may seem a strange combination, but I’ve always gotten a great deal of satisfaction from cleaning. Maybee it’s my Venus in Virgo that encourages a focus on presentability and cleanliness. Housekeeping has been peppered throughout my work-life for the past decade as my primary and secondary means of keeping the finances flowing.

With my interest in Buddhism and Taoism, I practice mindfulness and in the past year with more and more ease. When I’m doing household chores, mindfulness comes naturally. I have always joked that when I’m cleaning I’m in my Zen Zone.

There was a period of six months, while in the throes of the uncomfortable portion of my spiritual path, when I cleaned cabins for a tiny resort in exchange for housing. The experience, while difficult, was extremely valuable for what it taught me about my worth and the importance of boundaries. But frankly, it was a fucking miserable job. Heh. Where was I? Ah yes…

There were extremely stressful days and I began to take notice of something interesting. This was not a scientific experiment by any stretch, merely my personal observation, but the experience and satisfaction of the guests visiting often seemed to reflect my actual mood while I was cleaning the nightly cabin they rented.

I believe we all emit energy and leave bits of our energetic residue wherever we go. After making the observation about the guests’ experience and my mood while cleaning, I made a habit of doing a small prayer/meditation before I cleaned each unit to reset any negativity I might have been carrying, and went about the task at hand mindfully and positively.

Whether this actually translated into better guest experiences, I did not take note, but I found the practice a beneficial one if only for me. And so I have maintained it.



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