4/22/2020 New Moon in Taurus

Greetings Earthlings! Tonight, the New Moon is exact at 3 degrees Taurus at 8:22PM Mountain Time. I like to think of each New Moon as a time to drop shit that isn’t working. A new beginning, a fresh start. And we get one each month! Awesome, no!? Much better than yearly resolutions, I love the idea of New Moon Resolutions.

There’s likely some shit you can do without, whether it’s shit that hasn’t worked this month, or so far this year, or, well, ever. Habits, thoughts, lovers, shoes…The truth is, until you let go of some shit, there is less room for new and exciting shit to take its place.

This New Moon is in Taurus. Taurus LOVES to be pampered and revels in all that pleases the five senses, or however many senses people who are more versed in spirituality than me would say there are. Pleasure is at the fore with this Moon, and she’s accompanied by Uranus just a few degrees away, the planet of surprise and unexpected twists. Think electricity. Lightning.

Doing nothing is always an option. Not letting go of shit is always an option. Always, always. For a little added flare, throw in a paper bag, some lightning from Uranus, and you’ve got a nice warm fire. Of shit in a paper bag. Good job.

Lightning from Uranus. Heh. Where was I?

Oh yeah, OR! Or, you can do something. What the Universe is whispering in my ear is, “Do anything…” Move. Mentally, emotionally, physically, logically…Do some shit. New shit.

It may not be easy because this New Moon is thwarted by Saturn in a square aspect. Saturn can be a drag sometimes, with all of it’s rules and constrictions and dutifulness. Squares can intimidate us. They present an obstacle. It may be tempting to postpone or table something rather than embrace this energy. There’s always later. And sure, there IS always later, but this moment will be gone.

On the other hand, squares can encourage us to get creative. And this alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Uranus is a great combination for leveling up. This alignment is critical, there are some alignments on the horizon that might effectively bring further restriction, and so it is an excellent time to act. Creating new openings in our future now gives us that much more wiggle room in the future.

Collective New Moon Tarot Reading

Internal Energies – Strength
External Energies – Eight of Swords
Overall Energies – The Lovers

The Strength card symbolizes success and strength through grace and not brute force. She is able to garner her power through love and compassion, and this is the gift we have within. As we look out into the world with this inner grace, it might be easy for us to feel trapped and thwarted and ill-informed, which might lead to inaction, as symbolized by the eight of swords. The Lovers as the overall energy indicates that we are facing a choice. With the aspects surrounding this New Moon, likely this choice boils down to action vs. inaction. While we are not necessarily willing to breezily act in the face of Saturn’s stoic glare, neither are we comforted by not doing anything.

This confusion, particularly in light of global events, lends itself heavily to couch-potato-ing today and tomorrow, and while that might comfort now, it is a missed opportunity for further, more stable and long-lasting comfort into the future.

So there you have it friends. Happy New Moon and as always, namaste!



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