5/7/2020 Full Moon in Scorpio

I’m not going to blow skittles up your ass, not that that sounds like an enjoyable thing to have done to you anyway, but this Full Moon has the potential to be fairly uncomfortable. Unless you feel well equipped to handle confrontations with your shadow, and that of others, I might even hold moon-bathing the crystals because this could intensify that energy. I’m putting mine out to charge, but I’m setting an intention for growth and expansion, and I’m quite well-acquainted with my inner-butthead.

Ahem…Firstly, Scorpio isn’t exactly the Moon’s favorite place to hang out. The Moon is about our emotions and moods and Scorpio can tend towards extremes, so it is possible this Full Moon might find us a bit volatile. Scorpio also rules us vs. the other, and I feel this particular Full Moon might devolve into blame and projection if we’re not self-aware.

The Sun is conjunct Mercury, which represents information and the way we think. I’d be cautionary about lobbing your truth around mostly because those who’ll agree with you will only inflate your ego, and leastly because you’re unlikely to change anyone’s mind right around now. Arguably ever, but let’s just say now especially.

Nothing is making sense in the world these days, not to any one on any side. This is uncomfortable for most, but this is the Moon under which the Buddha was born, so there is a whisper of hope that if we’re quiet, introspective, and objectively honest with ourselves about ourselves, we might use this transit to enlighten ourselves.

Otherwise, with the Moon being in Mars’ home of Scorpio, pitfalls include: speaking (errr, shouting) with unnecessary emotion and possibly aggression, alienating others, and falling into a victimhood mindset. None of which sounds fun, but all of which have their enlightening lessons! So you do you!

Collective Full Moon Tarot Reading

Internal Energies – Queen of Swords
External Energies – The Chariot
Overall Energies – Judgement

The Queen of Swords is thinks critically and does not allow herself to be carried away by emotion. She is the most masculine of the queens, in touch with both her masculine and feminine energies. There is a need for us to be reasonable and measured when it comes to the outside world which, as the Chariot shown here denotes, requires skill and fast thinking to keep things in a delicate balance. There is an overall sense of Judgement every which way imaginable, I feel this personally! We might feel we’re being judged by God and everybody. And, just as likely, we might be judging God and everybody right back! Heh.

The one person we really need to concern ourselves with at this time is…ourselves (yup, all of you, if you, singular, have multiple personalities). The Queen is well equipped to do so. Thing is though, on the flip, if she’s pissed, she’ll cut you. So there’s that.

However it pans out for ya, love and shit! XOXO



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