Weekly Woo-Woo

Little known fact, before you proceed! Did you know that your horoscope will likely be more accurate if you read your Rising sign? I personally read both my Sun sign and my Rising sign, giving a bit more weight to my Rising sign horoscope. This does require that you know your birth time and what your rising sign is which many folks don’t. This is why horoscopes are primarily used based on Sun sign. It’s more marketable, but less accurate. Sun sign horoscope is fine if you don’t know your rising, but I thought that worthy of sharing. Carry on!

Aries – This week starts out fast paced with your mental faculties at high speed, Gemini, which is a good thing because there may be some tension among friends or associates.  You want what you want and you’ll have the mouth to explain it, though be on the lookout for emotional manipulation, and not just by others.  Stick to your values with integrity.  By midweek, harmonizing conversations in the workplace or public sphere provide opportunities to smooth things over.  As Friday rolls around, it’s all about you!  Take a short trip to visit family or a walk through the neighborhood and get the latest tea from the nosey neighbor lady.  You’ll find your social life quite active and satisfying over this next month.

Taurus – So, Monday morning you wake up, jump out of the bed, and scream, “Show me the money!”  Kidding.  Sort of.  But you’ve got money and ideas about money front and center for the next few weeks.  Today, though, work may throw a big glass of water on your fire to cool you down which might suck.  Hang in there.  On Wednesday you stand to learn something that bolsters you and shifts your beliefs in who you are.  Heading into the weekend, you may be a bit more angsty than usual, so be sure to carve out some down time for yourself.  The rest of the month may prove to bring some financial goodies your way. Give it some time.

Gemini – You’ve been growing in the dark recently, it might seem, Gemini.  It’s you vs. the world. Although today a stark revelation you’ve had recently is due to clash with some long-standing beliefs.  But that had of yours is not just a hat rack and you’re thinking capacity is at full throttle, specifically about who you are on this floating rock, which stands to aid this process.  As the week proceeds, provocative insights or conversations free you up in some way; relieve you of a debt, whether financial or emotional.  Starting Friday you may aggravate or instigate friends and comrades, so be mindful.  In the upcoming month you may be fancying a makeover.  Do it! You’re changing on the inside, so celebrate it on the outside.

Cancer – Over the next coming weeks you may be crawling deeper into that crab shell of yours than usual, Cancer.  Things that are hard to explain are floating in the outer recesses of your mind.  Early in the week there is a potential upset between a new group of folks you’re aligned with and an emotional obligation to someone else significant in your life.  Stay true to you.  Midweek an aspiration achieved, however big or small, brings transformative breakthroughs to relationships closer to home, specifically partnerships.  If you take work home with you this weekend, you’ll likely be moody.  Actually, you’ll likely be moody regardless.  Grab a blanket, get comfy, and journal.  For the next month, actually.  Down time is on the menu.  And bon-bons. Stock up.

Leo – You’re thinking outside the box in your career and this may be creating discord in your personal relationships, specifically with significant others.  Over the course of the month of May, all eyes are on you, Leo, and your conversation skills prove to make you the life of the party.  Midweek be on the lookout for a little grace at work that has the potential to create some balance between work and your daily routine.  By the end of the week, you’re lit up and thinking about the future.  Aspirations are high.  In the coming weeks you may find you’re aligning yourself with people who inspire you and bring you closer to achieving some goals.  

Virgo – Today may find you pondering your place in the world.  At the forefront, though, you’ve got new beliefs knocking on your door and yet it might seem like you have little room in your daily schedule to let them in.  You might be feeling emotionally attached to the same old, same old, but don’t be overly critical of change.  There is some exciting stuff on your mind and by the end of the week you may have wrapped your heart around what your head is already snuggling.  A romantic fancy or creative project midweek taps you on the shoulder and encourages you to open your eyes a bit wider.  This weekend you obligations haunt a bit, whether financial and emotional. Write them on little pieces of paper and burn them. Or maybe just let something go. Unless it’s a bill. Use discernment.

Libra – You’ve been secretly brewing something, and today just might take some of the fun out of it.  A secret could be revealed. You might do well cleaning out the closet some metaphorically, and even literally if that tickles your fancy.  Romance could be sidelined while something deeper stirs within you.  Today and for the next few weeks you’re looking into the future and pondering where you’re going and what baggage you’ll be leaving behind.  You Libras will have all of the necessities, but it’s time to worry about what’s been stowed away in the unzipped parts weighing you down. Be on the lookout for news or information that sparks your curiosity and inspires you to learn.  Around Wednesday a valve opens up relieving pressure at home and by the weekend you are focused on significant others, romantic or otherwise.  This month will take you places, whether by plane or in your heart.

Scorpio – This morning might find you worrying about who you owe your time to and some strife between significant others and keeping the peace at home could prove heavy.  You’re innovative in your relationships these days, however, and though it may take dedication to create change at home, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone.  Coming up this month you’ll be thinking a lot about the value others bring to your life and what you bring to theirs and it would do you well to create some balance in that regard.  The disruptions early this week might ruffle the feathers of your weekend plans, but do not be deterred to the deeper sense of excitement you feel stirring deep down.

Sagittarius – You’re inspired this Monday to stir things up a bit, whether it’s a new fitness routine or a shake up in the schedule, you’re glitching the matrix and putting what you value at front and center.  However, you might feel stifled by your environment and this shift could move like molasses. Communication with significant others will come with ease over the next few weeks so if you’re clear and honest in the face of resistance, it may garner you a solid ally.  Particularly toward the end of the week and through the rest of this month.  Midweek you find a sweet spot, perhaps with a purchase that makes change a bit smoother.  Heading into the weekend you’re feeling fun and inspired so spark up a candle for a romantic dinner or grab an easel.  

Capricorn – Something artistic or innovative wants to take form for you, Capricorn, but your purse strings may not be forthcoming with the means to create it.  You may be feeling emotionally attached to your finances and uncertain if this new thing is really important to you or just a flight of fancy.  It’s not a flight of fancy.  You’ve got your busy schedule on your mind and as the week progresses, you may be more inclined to make some space for something fun.  Particularly around Wednesday when you open up to a deep insight and are open to the idea that you deserve some frivolity in your life.  Heading into the weekend there may be some chaos on the home front as your emotions could be volatile.  Sti down and make some lists, it’ll make you feel better and be productive.

Aquarius – Maybe you want a new sofa, Aquarius.  Or a bigger TV.  Or a smaller TV.  Maybe you want to get rid of your TV and get a fireplace.  Do you even know who you are any more?  Recent months may have you denying yourself of some pleasures, but why not rearrange the straw in your nest? Get rid of some old bits and spice it up with some freshies.  There are creative ways to bring a little tenderness to your immediate surroundings that nurture your soul and you deserve that.  As the week progresses, your mind is open to new looks and styles, so yes, put that alien poster in a frame and slap it above your bed.  Everyone will love it. This weekend, yuck it up with neighbors, you’ll have a little fire in you.  For better or worse.

Pisces – There is a wild call for you to venture out, Pisces, however compelling the urge to brood may be at the moment.  This next month you will be finding new ways to create a sense of peace at home and fortunately your mind will be rife with ideas.  Perhaps a spring clean is in order and the sense of accomplishment will lull you out of the depths of the ocean you’re currently lurking.  Around the middle of the week a family member or neighbor might just encourage you to join the masses, or simply go to meeting of the book club, and that might lighten things up a bit for you.  Heading into the weekend, however, you may feel defensive of your alone time, which, if you’ve heeded the call to socialize this week, you’ve likely earned. Daydream away.


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