My name is Teresa Zube. Most folks call my Zube. My Mom calls me Teresa. I answer to either.

When I was in high school, I was obsessed with astrology. This obsession carried on into college, where I added reading Tarot to the mix. Tarot came especially naturally to me and I was rather adept at reading cards from the very start. At the time, I regarded this talent as a fun party trick, though sometimes I would meet people who’d ask if I was the girl who read Tarot that lived in Wolfe Hall they’d heard about around campus. I was quite good, rumor had it.

My New Age parlor tricks faded into the background once I entered the ‘Real World’ and I fell into a very feeble, and largely unsuccessful, attempt to conform to society. I married an atheist, struggled with infertility, eventually bore two children, and then divorced. I crawled and clawed my way through the disastrous aftermath, mired in a victimhood mentality, until, white flag in hand, my second decade devoid of spirit found me with a burgeoning alcohol problem, and a stint in a mental hospital and a rehab under my belt.

I had been brought to my knees, desperately ready for the love of the Universe.

Meditation and the Tao Te Ching saved my life, and Tarot and Astrology are once again a part of my daily living. I have a higher regard for the gifts of interpretation the Universe has given me, and am deeply humbled by the insight others have gained through their readings.

I wouldn’t change a thing about anything, to be honest. I had a rough twenty years and they’ve only deepened my spiritual connection and faith. My love for my craft is evidenced by my concern for those with whom I share it.

My life is so interwoven with the work I enjoy that I choose to be open and transparent, so you’ve been warned!

Thank you for visiting my site and love and light along your sovereign, merry way!