Moon Jam Notes – January

January 2022 Moon Cycles 

January 2nd New Moon in Capricorn 

New Beginnings – gain new visibility of priorities and paths illuminated As Capricorn energy is very ambitious, hard working & driven 

Excellent time to take advantage of structure 

Find a groove that feels good and yields results 

Stones: Rose Quartz- be kind to yourself 

Smokey Quartz- transform stagnant energy 

Tree Agate- patience & tolerance 

Blue Sodalite- discern truth from lie 

Unakite- heal heart from emotional wounds 

Herbs: Rosemary, Ginger, Lemon Balm- protective, digestive & joint aid, stress & anxiety aid Body- rules skin, hair, knees, joints, skeleton & teeth 

Important to keep balance 

Maintain good energy reserve 

Good time for weaving, organization and house blessings 

Vision boards, establishing a routine, make time for self- care 

Jan 3rd – 8th Waxing Crescent 

Continue setting intentions 

Work out any kinks for your new routine 

Jan 9th- 1st Quarter 

Action-Focus on moving forward and start over if needed 

Jan 10th- 16th Waxing Gibbous 

Refine & Focus 

Observe & Align

Jan 17th Full Moon in Cancer 

Heightened empathic abilities 

Surge of emotions 

Stones: Moonstone – feminine & moon energy 

Calcite – strength of spirit 

Carnelian – vitality and motivation 

Opal – enhances cosmic conciousness 

Selenite – healer & shifter of energies 

Herbs: Sage, aloe, lemon balm, bay 

Body: Stomach, chest, womd, breast 

Ritual: Velacion- focus on harnessing your emotions and focusing on the depth 

Work on going inside and transforming the energy of each emotion as it arises Locate where they hide in the spaces and shadows for your physical body Practice body work, roll and sway like the waves to your rhythm 

As empathic abilities are very heightened- work on shielding 

Jan 18th – 24th Waning Gibbous 

Look inward 

Jan 25th – Last Quarter (Third Quarter) 

Release and Let go of old habits 

Jan 26th – 30th Waning Crescent 

Surrender & Rest 

Jan 31st – Feb 1st New Moon Aquarius