Monthly Lunar Report

Receive an emailed personalized report or a phone consultation describing the New Moon and Full Moon for the month and how the planets align with your natal chart for $15. This will describe which houses (areas of your life) will be most impacted and give insight into planetary aspects that might directly impact you. Also suggestions as to how you might harness positive alignments for highest impact.

Tarot Oracle Reading

Give a Gift!

If you are looking for a creative gift idea for friends or family, give them a Gift Certificate for an astrological or tarot reading! I am offering a 10% discount on Gift Certificates for my services. I am able to e-mail a printable certificate for you to send to the recipient. Check out my Services page and reach out to me at heyitzme721@gmail.com for information.

My reading was so spot on! This was my first experience with tarot and the experience was surprising and enlightening. I recommend checking it out!! Teresa really has a gift for this.

– Leah

As Within, So Without…